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VA2000 2000W Cover 4x4ft Dual Chips Full Spectrum led Grow Light


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    • Full Spectrum - The VIPARSPECTRA VA-Series 2000W LED grow light adopt Dual-Chip (10W) LEDs and provides full spectrum lighting (including IR) for all growing stages of plants’ need.
    • VEG & BLOOM Dimmer - VEG and BLOOM dimmer can be used together with 100% brightness to obtain maximum growth performance throughout the seeding and flowering stages of your plants. This light can replace a 1000W HPS/MH lamp while consuming only 460W.
    • Coverage Area & Hanging Height - The Dimmable 2000W LED grow light is perfect for a 4.5’x4’ vegetative coverage at 30”and 4’x3.5’ flowering coverage at 22”. We recommend hanging the light at 26"-38" with 100% VEG brightness and 60% BLOOM brightness while running the light 18 hours per day during vegetation stage. During flowering and fruiting stage, hang the light at 20"-24" for 12 hrs per day with 100% brightness on both VEG and BLOOM channel. Remember to properly adjust the height and brightness.
    • Efficient Cooling System - The Dimmable VA2000 2000W led grow light uses high speed cooling fans and built-in aluminum heat sinks, which constitutes a powerful cooling system great for heat dissipation while ensuring the long lifespan of the light.
    Dimensions 19.2''x 10''x 3''
    Item Weight 12.2 pounds
    Average Power Draw 460 watts ± 3%
    LED Chips 200 pieces high intensity dual-chip LEDs
    Input Voltage AC 100-240 V
    Input Frequency 50-60 Hz
    Lifespan 50,000 hours
    Package Weight 13.72 pounds
    What's in the package
    • VA2000 LED Lighting
    • User Manual
    • 6ft Power Cord (AU plug)
    • Hanging Kit